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You will feel wonderful after one session of reiki, but the way to see lasting effects and the most positive change is to commit to more regular visits. For this reason, I offer a Series of Six sessions at a discount. 

Each session includes a brief intake conversation, polarity balancing, reading of the chakras, full body reiki treatment, and short summary conversation to go over what came up during the session. A 90 minute session allows for more reiki, as well as utilizing additional techniques, such as astral matrix repair, head/heart linking, incorporating crystal energy into your treatment, and any other additional hand positions that are deemed relevant for the session. 

If you are a first time client, please book a 90 minute "First Session" so there is time for a full reiki treatment after collecting a health history. 

Session Rates:

60 Minute Session – $85

Series of Six – $480 (discount of $30)

90 Minutes Session – $120

Series of Six – $680 (discount of $40)

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