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How will reiki help me?

Why Reiki?

How will Reiki help me?

Our lives are busy and chaotic. We tend to pride ourselves on multi-tasking, even though it has been proven to be detrimental to our mental well-being. We rarely allow ourselves to sit and relax, let alone take an hour to restore our body. 


Have you ever heard that sitting in meditation will actually help you get more done in your day? Allowing our brains to rest and restore helps us manage all the stressors that are thrown at us all day long, and even rewires our brains to process things more thoughtfully, leading to less stress, anxiety and overwhelm. 


Reiki works on a cellular level to restore your body, on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Our bodies take in reiki energy and use it for whatever is most needed. Whether that's a chronic health issue, mental overwhelm or emotional exhaustion. Reiki works to balance all of the energy systems of your body so that you can operate in the most optimal way possible – the way our amazing bodies were designed to function. 


We hold traumas and past experiences within our bodies. Reiki energy helps your body release whatever it might be holding onto, so that you can be free of that emotional baggage. Life events cause blocks that prevent energy from flowing freely through our body, and this creates the beginnings of health problems. When our energy systems get blocked, we can become sick and unwell. Using reiki to clear energy blocks and promote energy flow brings about better health. 


With reiki, we can regain balance, feel rested and restored, and become our healthiest selves. 

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