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Reiki specialties of Anna Weymouth Reiki


End of Life

The days and weeks leading up to someone’s passing are often most difficult for friends and family. Reiki during this time is a wonderful way to ease pain, provide nurturing and help one transition. Reiki can be done at the bedside, even in the midst of friends and family, or absentee if your loved one is either not allowed visitors or long distance. 


Reiki calms the body’s energy, soothes fears and anxieties, lessens pain and often provides feedback to those at the bedside. Reiki is a purely benign energy that does not conflict with other treatments or medications. 


Sessions are anywhere from 20-60 minutes long. 

Absentee Reiki

Absentee Reiki, sometimes called Long Distance Reiki, is reiki conducted when the practitioner is not in the physical presence of the client. Absentee reiki is just as effective as in-person reiki, and can be very beneficial when a client is unable to travel, confined to a hospital or living in another state. 


Absentee reiki sessions are typically held while I have an open telephone connection with my client, however even this is not necessary, and often not possible if the client is unconscious or in a compromised state. 


There is quite a lot of intuitive information that “comes through” during absentee sessions, and I pass all of this information on to my client. 

Sessions are 60 or 90 minutes long. 

Sending Reiki to a Group

Often times an entire family is in distress, either from managing a terminal illness, a death in the family, or some other hardship. Through absentee reiki, I can “call in” a family unit or group of people and deliver reiki to them en masse. This is especially helpful when a group of people is all struggling with a common issue. 

Animal Reiki

Pets are integral members of our families. They provide us with love, companionship and joy, and ask for almost nothing in return. So it is especially difficult if your pet is in pain or discomfort, because we often feel helpless to provide relief for them. Reiki’s gentle healing touch comforts animals and helps them to feel safe while receiving treatments. I first learned Reiki so that I could provide pain relief for my beloved cat, who had cancer. Reiki can be delivered in person at a client’s home, where your pet feels most comfortable, or absentee. 

Sessions are typically 30 minutes long. 

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